ethos chicago: a church for the city


The ethos of Jesus Christ is countercultural—and that's a good thing. Godʼs challenge for His people is to embody the love, grace and truth of Jesus. That means nurturing a different culture—or ethos—than that which prevails outside His church.


Here's what it looks like: it means seeking and building relationships in which we consider othersʼ needs above our own. It means re-imagining our families, careers and legacies in the context of Godʼs overarching story. It means creating and inventing; serving and caring; knowing and being known. It means making a commitment to our community— not only our church family, but our friends, neighbors and coworkers in Chicago.


We want our community to reflect that vision. Yet we know it's impossible to fulfill without the transcendent power of God. Fortunately, He is alive, active, and dedicated to working through churches such as ours to transform the world and bring healing to broken, hurting people and communities.