understanding jesus, the savior


This series looks at the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

The first 36 messages cover chapters 1-15.  

In chapters 16-18, Jesus moves head-long toward Jerusalem and the climax of his ministry. Jesus (never one to pull a punch) is ratcheting up his challenges to all who would seek to be his followers and live in light of his kingdom. Fair warning, it’s not an easy section and it requires a soft, but courageous, heart to wrestle with what Jesus is saying. But to all who are willing and able to let Jesus’ words have their intended effect, they will find, as always, that his words are both filled with grace and, ultimately, the source of real and lasting life. (Messages: "Kingdom Economics" through "Next Level Fitness, Part 2.")

In chapters 20-25, Jesus moves into Jerusalem and the last week of his life on earth, and the narrative focus switches once more to the question of Jesus’ identity and to the impact of that identity on the people whom Jesus encounters. (Messages: "Salvation in the House" through the end of the series.)