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sojourners in a foreign Land (2019)

Immigration. It’s the controversial topic that dominates today’s news, whether it’s a border wall, Brexit, caravans or Dreamers. 

When the Apostle Peter wrote a first-century letter of encouragement to Christians living in what is now Turkey, he sought to reassure them during a time of intense suffering. It’s interesting, in light of current events, that the Peter begins his letter by referring to these suffering Christians as “exiles,” “resident aliens” and “sojourners in a foreign land.”

Peter wants these believers to realize something astonishing—that this world is no longer their true home. His readers had likely spent their whole lives in the same city, yet Peter wanted them to know that, as Christians, they were immigrants, in a spiritual sense: resident aliens living in a world that was not their own. 

Please join us as we dig into this letter, called First Peter, and discover how and why our new immigration status as Christians can and should be a great encouragement to us, particularly as we go through the inevitable struggles and suffering of life.