2015 Ethos Sermons


The unexpected christ (advent)

Sometimes the greatest gifts come in the most unexpected ways and through the most unexpected means. Nowhere is that more true than in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. In 2015 we celebrated Advent by looking at the spectacular events surrounding Jesus' birth found in the Gospel of Luke. 

Christ and the World


In Fall 2015 we looked at what happens when the good news about Jesus leaves the church and moves out into the world. Or, to put it another way, we are going to be looking at Ethos' "vision" — our reason for existence as a church. As the Apostle Paul said, the Gospel of Christ is the very power of God, intended to be life changing good news to a world that desperately needs just that: good news. What's more, this Gospel is intended to impact every area of our lives, from our families, our work, our service of others, to our view of and contribution to the culture around us.

Dear Church: Letters From jesus

Dear Church Letters from Jesus.jpg

Our series “Letters from Jesus” is a look at the first three chapters of Revelation, where Jesus sends a series of loving, but challenging, letters to various churches who are about to go through some serious trials.  It’s our hope that as we study these letters together we will get a better sense of what Jesus desires us to look like as his church in our great city of Chicago, particularly as we encounter our own trials.

Practical Grace


What’s the difference between a supernaturally changed heart and a heart that is only (what we might call) morally restrained? The answer is—plenty! And understanding the distinction literally makes an eternity’s worth of difference.

In 1 Corinthians 13, which is the guide for this series, the Apostle Paul gives us this incredible statement, he says, “If I give away all my goods to the poor, if I die for my faith, but have not love, I gain…I am…nothing.” This is that radical principle. He’s saying that it’s possible to display all of the morally virtuous behavior on all of the virtue lists of the world (virtues like courage, generosity, justice, integrity, prudence, self-control) without any real, other-centered love at the core. In other words, it’s possible to be incredibly virtuous in your behavior and have that behavior flow out of an inner emptiness rather than an inner fullness of joy and of love and of peace.

Using 1 Corinthians 13 as our guide, we are going to explore what Paul really means when he says love is patient, kind, and so on. In other words, we are going to look at the marks of how the supernatural, grace-changed heart shows itself in practice. Please join us as we look at what we are calling "practical graces."